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Dales Books:Click here AMAZON SALES not ready yet:  Free books in pdf have been redone and Love reworked April 2020.  Note my books get expensive because I put a lot of creativity in them with art and pictures and they are in color but the books are also her for free in pdf.  Also if you are considering donating to this ministry I can really use the help right now.  These books are good books and are high in quality.  They come from a life that I lived that is real.  Here I don't have to force sales because I know where I stand in Christ and what I created isn't garbage so start clicking and enjoy!
 These books will be a blessing
to everyone who reads them.
Free versions are here in pdf. 

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Dale Lee Gordon
Love books
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This page was last updated: May 20, 2020
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For the free poetry book you can get to it by clicking on the "Poems" link on the upper left of this page.  The poetry book is located on the center of the webpage that follows just below two other sample poems.  Note that these webpages, and domain names, and copyrights cost a lot of money.  I have funded this ministry for 14 years now and have paid lots of money on a small fixed income.  If any of these books has been a blessing to you or someone else I am providing a paypal link here where you can donate but you don't have to leave a donation especially if you are poor.  By all means I encourage you to look at the pdf books which are located here for free.  For a free conversion program which will convert my pdf books and poems to any popular device click here!  With this program you should be able to convert files to Kindle for free.  This is the same with other formats.  I don't want you to buy my books if you are poor, (I understand poverty all too well), they are free in pdf.  I paid real money for this ministry with lots of sacrifices.  These books and sites cause a lot of deep emotions in my life, not to mention the constant battle with the Devil in their creation.  These are not low quality books, but rather a real sacrifice of love.  Please don't take any of my works for granted.  Note any or all of these poems, books, and songs which are coming, may be copied, sent, used in professional settings freely and without my permission.  I apologize if anything is a little off on this site.  That includes all other connected sites as there is a lot of poetry here.  As for people that I gave free original poems to; all rights are yours to do as you please.  I thought of how nice it would be to get paid for what I do but the reality is I speak the truth according to the Bible that no one wants to hear.  Each book is good, but understand I chose truth over money.  I have put countless hours into all that I do both here and attached sites, but truth is not a popular thing these days.  I am trusting God to do the finishing touches that both time and money don't allow.  He is in charge of bandwidth, Duda Mobile, SEO, PPC, Amazon and whatever else I can't think of.  I'm trusting God to bring in the later rain which he already has.  Amen.

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Love pdf book below for free.  Edited and reworked April 25th 2020.  
The Truth is a book with a compilation of works from all my websites. I just put it together November 23rd 2019.  I recommend reading this book first. Click here for audio.