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​New book just added.  Select Writings by:  Dale Lee Gordon
I just reworked these books as of March 7th 2021.  I just challenged God to bring people here to purchase all my books (more coming soon!).  Free downloadable poetry here in pdf. 
Click here for more poetry.  Click here to find Jesus!  Please note that these books are for all ages.
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Dale Lee Gordon
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This page was last updated: June 28, 2021
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Dales Books: GREAT NEWS AMAZON SALES HAS JUST BEEN UPDATED- as of March 7th 2021:  I'm not sure exactly how to fix it but I assure you these books are for all ages.  All books have been redone and are on Amazon for sale. Many poems are still free for download on this site as well as Dale's Free Poems link above. These books are extremely good books and are the highest in quality and I am truly proud of these books. They come from a life that I lived that is real. You can find my books on Amazon through the navigation menu bar above. If you were directed here by a dream, vision or some form of "accident" just know there are no accidents with our God. Many folks are counting on you here to receive a book as a blessing and while expensive I made these books works of art as to give all glory to God. Not everyone understands the true value of sacrifice but I assure you I have learned. Profits of these books are sowed to the rebuilding of lives (Right now my own life needs rebuilding.) and the continuation of lives to those who do not know where their next meal is coming from. I ask if you cannot afford one or all of my books on Amazon sow what you can to the Pay Pal toward the bottom of this page as the money goes to good causes.  Note if I sound negative in my book sales page as I think I did somewhere note my attitude is because I'm sad because I am asking for people to buy my books and I really need sales at this time.  I put a lot of work into these books.  They are uplifting motivational inspirational and encouraging.  

Good news if you are too poor to afford my books and if God somehow provides a way I will send them to you for free!

If you are really poor and can't afford my books email me and I will send you all of them.  I am trusting God to bring me sales so that I can do this.  I can buy my own books at half price but the shipping takes about two weeks so be patient.  I can't afford housing, just a little food and some gas, and prayers for a car with over 329 thousand miles on it.  I know God will bless me with book sales so if you are too poor I promise you because God promises me and he won't send me back to prison or that I will become homeless.  I will buy you all six books and soon there will be more which I will send those too in the very near future.  God knows I will do this.  If I get an order for a thousand free copies I will hire more people to send free books.  God loves these books too and he will make this happen.  I challenge God to provide for me 5000 free books a month that I give away plus sales and donations.  These books I stand by my work and I know God will see to it because they are all really good.  These books are beautiful and I am so proud of them.  I will hire people just to give out free books, I will even have to get a 1-800 phone number with people answering the calls.  I challenge God to start this on Tuesday as soon as the books update.   

These books are not low quality and represent a labor of love!

For a free conversion program which will convert poems to any popular device click here!  I paid real money for this ministry with lots of sacrifices.  These books and sites cause a lot of deep emotions in my life, not to mention the constant battle with the Devil in their creation.  These are not low quality books, but rather a real sacrifice of love.  One last thing if you value my words enough and read to the bottom of this page you might notice a hand on certain page elements.  You might be surprised what it is.

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God told me to add this file to each one of my books as a final epilog.
About my books why you don't want to buy them and why you won't like them.  God brought you here and he brought you here for a reason: the truth!