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About Books: All books should be ready by June 27, 2020.

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I am giving these first few books away for free not because they are low in quality or because they are poorly written.  These books are quality books and have taken a lot of work to complete.  I have spent endless hours fighting Satan typesetting, copying, pasting, working late nights and in full on battle with the enemy Satan trying to finish a quality product.  I know many Americans are poor and in desperate situations.  For many people this should be an oasis of love to come to where you can read a nice book for free.  I'm all too familiar with poverty and believe me I understand your situations.  If you are poor and hurting this site is for you.  


About Text Aloud:

If you can't do a lot of reading Text Aloud is a great program to convert text to speech so you can listen to your computer dictate to you rather than sitting in front of a screen.  I do not make any money off this program but I do recommend it for these sites and books if you would rather have the computer read to you.  Also for licensed users of Windows 10 while you are online and or in pdf and other files you should be able to right click and the computer will read to you.  I don't believe Windows 10 free version upgrade has this option.  To buy Text Aloud click here!  Text Aloud is the best program I have used for text dictation.  It is a great value for the price and since Windows 10 has two voices with it you should not need to purchase additional voices.