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Coming Books
Turn Your Heart Over to Jesus

One of my newest books that will be coming is the book "Turn Your Heart Over to Jesus" in full color.  I haven't specified a name yet for the book as it will be different from the original.  This book is like the first copy I wrote with the original pictures in it.  It is 8.5 / 11 so the original poem on the last page fits on one page.  I am including poems in full color.  These are all my favorite poems.  Other books and stories will be included too.  This book is finished and is available on click here which was completed right on time in the forth week of April 2018.  This book will be available at Amazon in May 2018.  

Color Me Beautiful

This talks about love in God and in relationships.  It also deals with healing within relationships.  It talks about men and women and a huge lesson I learned about both of them.  This book is long and it will take a lot of work as I have major editing to do in it.  While I don't have a release date I am guessing it will come out in the summer of 2018.  


These are questions answered about the God I love and serve.  There is no release date for this book yet.

Jesus Loves the Little Children

There is no release date for this book yet.  If I had to guess I would say the summer of 2018.  It will be a co-authored book with myself as the primary author.  The other author is not ready for final book editing.  

Much of the delays on these projects are due to lack of funds.  Also these books and all future books will not be available in pdf for free.  While I may or may not offer a Kindle version, if I do prices will be set low.  Pricing of these books depends on if they have color, and also I make the prices with a minimal profit margin.  


This book is a short 20 page book with no color images.  The price is in pdf below for free.  
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