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A book written by:  Dale Lee Gordon
​Stop the Violence- Color Your Prison Walls With Love is actually two books.  Being that I am so poor and I am not a greedy man I put the two together so I didn't have to buy two copyrights.  Shasta County Jail guards were so surprised that I was drawing photos of the inside of the jail.  What they could not understand is that I was creating a ministry for when I got out of prison.  I have included those pictures in this book.  This book is not in color other than I thought I would include some of my jail art.  This book may be purchased from Amazon by clicking here!  You may also view it below in the pdf format.  Note these books along with all other pdf files on this site and all other pdf files on associated websites may be reproduced, copied shared, sent in emails or used for other professional purposes without permission from me the author.  Note poems that are turned into songs either by myself or others that I want royalties, credit, and someone to contact me first before using one of my poems as songs.  I want certain professional people, to eat their words, that said I could never do what I am doing now.